BP150A Battery Hydraulic Power Units

The BP150A Battery, Hydraulic Power Unit features a powerful 50.4 VDC high capacity lithium-ion internal battery. Each unit features a wireless remote control and will operate a wide range and single and double acting 700 bar hydraulic tools and cylinders.

Bluetooth Wireless Control

Each unit is supplied with a Bluetooth, wireless remote control. A wired remote control is also included.

High Powered

Internally fitted 50.4 VDC, 7,830 mAh lithium-ion battery provides power and efficiency.

Digital Display

On board digital display shows pump mode and pressure.

Safety Pressure

Electronic and mechanical pressure safety valves enhance safety. Pressure can be simply adjusted by the user.

Fast Charge

110/230 Volt plug in external charger supplied with each unit.

Durable Design

Rugged and heavy duty plastic housing with carry handle. Hydraulic coupling/control buttons/plug connectors are well protected.
Pump Type Single-stage three-cylinder radial piston pump
Pump Outputs / Inputs2 / 2
Oil Flow0.97 - 1.99 L / min. (nominal)
Max. Oil Volume (approx.)1,400 cc
Usable Oil Volume (approx.)1,000 cc
Maximum Pressure 700 bar
Oil Type Durapac Hydraulic Oil (DHO-10L)
Drive DC motor 48 Volts (max. 58 V)
Motor Peak Power 4,000 Watts
Battery Capacity 7,830 mAh
Dimensions W x L x H (approx.)185 x 250 x 270 mm
Weight (approx.) 9 kg
Power Supply Unit primarily 230 V ~, secondary 24 V, 5 A
Max. Operating Conditions -20 ° C to + 40 ° C
Environmental Conditions 0 to 100% rel. humidity
Degree of Protection According to EN 60529 IP23
Operating Mode Intermittent Operation 30% ED