Air Hydraulic Driven H-Frame

The HP-Series Air Hydraulic Driven H-Frame Presses are ideal for the workshop pressing jobs such as the installation or removal of bearings and gears or other press fit parts.

Air/Hydralic & Manual Pump

An air/hydraulic and manual pump are both incorporated in the press.

Rolling Head

The rolling head design allows movement and locking of the cylinder from side to side.

Force Gauge

Includes a force gauge in metric ton and bar.


V-blocks are included as standard.

Safety Screen

A safety screen is provided for protection from impact.

Foot Switch

The foot switch may be used to actuate the air/hydraulic pump.
Model Number Capacity (ton) Hydraulic Stroke (mm)Screw Adjust (mm)Pump Type Air Pressure Range (bar) Net Weight (kg)
HP-30A 3014575Air/Hyd. and Manual 9 - 12244
HP-50A 5014575Air/Hyd. and Manual 9 - 12283
HP-100A 100300N/AAir/Hyd. and Manual 9 - 12719
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