HP-10 Bench

The HP-10 10 Ton Bench Press is ideal for workshop pressing jobs such as the installation or removal of bearings and gears, repair of electric motors or other press fit parts.

2 Speed Hand Pump

Includes a two speed hydraulic hand pump with force gauge and 2 metre hose set.

10 Ton Hydraulic Cylinder

Includes a 10 ton, 152 mm stroke spring return cylinder. Longer stroke cylinders
are available upon request.

Press Plate Set

The press plate set and bushing allows for greater pressing flexibility.

Steel Frame

The steel frame provides maximum
strength and rigidity.

Press Bed

The press bed has multiple working positions.

Remote Power Option

Durapac model DPA-15R air/hydraulic
power unit with remote pendant can also be used to operate the HP-10 press.
Model Number Capacity (ton) Pump Type Pressure Rating (bar) Net Weight (kg)
HP-10 10Manual 70053