PEMH-Series Bolt Tensioning Power Units

The PEMH Bolt Tensioning Power Units are perfectly designed for bolt tensioning applications utilising DURAPAC® DBT-Series Bolt Tensioners at 1,500 bar. The PEMH0543 is an electric two speed pump with a 2.8 metre remote hand pendant. The unit is factory set to 1,500 bar working pressure for bolt tensioning applications but can be reset to 2,000 bar for other high pressure applications.

Adjustable Torque Control

Adjustable torque control for accurate torque settings.

4L Reservoir

The reservoir has a 4L capacity.

Liquid Filled Pressure Gauge

The liquid filled pressure gauge range is 0-2,500 bar / 0-35,000 psi.

Electric Motor

0.5 kW/220 volt 50-60 Hz universal motor 6.0 amps.

2.8M Remote Pendant

A 2.8M remote pendant operates a 24 volt transformer for safety. Incorporates
motor ON/OFF button.

Oil Outlet

Oil outlet fitted with a 1/4" DBT116M
quick release nipple.
Model Number kW Voltage Hz Amps Usable oil Capacity (L) Pressure Rating (bar) Flow Rate (Lpm) 30 bar Flow Rate (Lpm) 1,500 bar Remote Pendant Function 2.8 mtr Weight (kg)
PEMH0543 0.522050/60 641,50020.13ON/OFF 19