PAMH-Series Bolt Tensioning Power Units

The PAMH-Series Bolt Tensioning Power Units are perfectly designed for bolt tensioning applications utilising DURAPAC® DBT-Series Bolt Tensioners at 1,500 bar. The PAMH1514 is a lightweight single acting pump suited to applications where air is the preferred power source.

Stainless Steel Base and Frame

Stainless steel base and frame resists corrosion and allows for easy handling.

Liquid Filled Pressure Gauge

Liquid filled pressure gauge range is 0-1,600 bar / 0-23,000 psi.

Sight Glass

Sight glass incorporating a temperature gauge.

Filter, Regulator & Lubricator

Filter, regulator and lubricator with gauge are supplied on the air inlet.

Stainless Steel Reservoir

The stainless steel reservoir has 5.6 litres of usable oil.

Oil Outlet

The oil outlet is fitted with a 1/4" DBT116M quick release nipple.
Model Number Used with Cylinder Pressure Rating (bar) Compression Ratio Oil Flow (cm3/stroke) Air Pressure Range (bar) Air Consumption (Lpm) Oil Port Thread Oil Capacity (L) Dry Weight (kg)
PAMH1514 S/A 1,5001:3101.25-7793G 1/4" 5.625