CRK-10 Maintenance & Repair Kits

The CRK-10 Maintenance & Repair Kits are an indispensable hydraulically powered tool set. They can be used for pressing, spreading, lifting, straightening and clamping in workshops and collision repair centres.


Most components are threaded for durability.


The extension tubes feature a heavy wall for increased resistance to bending and deformation.

Industry Standard

All kits are supplied with industry standard
high flow hydraulic couplings and dust caps.

High Flow Pump

Supplied with two speed hand pump for increased productivity.


Each kit comes with a 63 mm force gauge to monitor loads.


Supplied with a steel carry case with tool compartments.

CRK-10 Main Components

ComponentsHand PumpHose CylinderHydraulic SpreaderGauge AdaptorPressure Gauge
Details2-Speed 700 Bar 1.5 M Hose & Coupler10 Ton - 150mm Stroke1/2 TonGauge AdaptorLiquid Filled
Model No.P-260YESRC-106TDHS-05FGA-1ZAL1403

CRK-10 Additional Components

Components3 1/4" Rubber Flex HeadMale Connector (x2)Female Connector (x2)Extension Tubes (127, 254,508,635 mm)Lock Pin Piston Rod Toe90o V BaseWedge HeadFlat BaseSerrated SaddleCollar ToeMetal Box
Model No.ZAL1003ZAL1074ZAL1075ZAL1076, ZAL1077, ZAL1078 & ZAL1079ZAL1101ZAL1177ZAL1179ZAL1180ZAL1181ZAL1182ZAL1186ZAL1405