CSK-Series Cylinder Stack Plate Kits

CSK-Series Cylinder Stack Plate Kits are an effective economical solution where an extra increase in closed height is desirable. They are designed for use with the RFJ-Series Flat Cylinders and incorporate a magnet to attach to the cylinder.

Case Included

A carry case is included with all kits.


A RFJ cylinder is included with all kits.

Height Adjustable

Adjustable height between 3.4 - 73.3 mm.

Magnetic Centre

Stack plates are held in position by magnets.

Capacity Range

Durapac offers a range of stack plate kits from 5-30 ton capacity for an extra boost in collapsed height.

Hand Pump Options Available

Durapac offers a range of lightweight
hand pumps, the perfect choice when
portable manual power is desirable.

Stack Plate Kits

Kit Model No. Includes Cylinder Model*STD Cylinder Height (mm) Dimensions (mm) Stack Plate Height 1Dimensions (mm) Stack Plate Height 2Dimensions (mm) Stack Plate Height 3Dimensions (mm) Stack Plate Height 4Kit Weight (kg)
CSK-5 RFJ-50 323.412.725.431.82.4
CSK-10 RFJ-100 439.920.039.9- 3.8
CSK-20 RFJ-200 519.920.039.9- 7.0
CSK-30 RFJ-300 589.920.039.9- 10.1
* Includes RFJ Cylinder & Carry Case

Please view the catalogue page for detailed product dimensions and drawings