DBT-Series Bolt Tensioners

The DBT-Series Hydraulic Bolt Tensioners will ensure uniformed gasket compression. Compression is essential for the integrity of critical bolted flange connections. Unlike a torque wrench, the DBT-Series Bolt Tensioners are capable of tightening more than one bolt at a time and can apply a consistent torque via direct axial stretching to any given number of bolts simultaneously. These tensioners have been designed to fit all standard ANSI & API flanges with quick release bridge and hexagon socket for fast change over. There are 10 load cells from M20 to M150 or 3/4" to 5-3/4" and they are light and easily handled.

Removable & Rotational Bridge

The bridge is removable and rotational with a full bridge window to simplify positioning.

Dual Ports

Dual ports allow quick coupling of multiple tools.

Electroless Nickel Plated

All cylinders are electroless nickel plated for extra protection and are easily maintained.

Anti-Slip Grip

The knurled finish provides anti-slip grip for better handling.

Bridge Size Standard

The bridge size is standard for each load cell.

Tommy Bar

A tommy bar is supplied to enable easy tightening or loosening of the thread adaptor or hex socket.
Please view catalogue pages for detailed specification tables on the DBT-Series.