HC-24S Self-contained

The HC-24S Self-contained Hydraulic Cutters have a cutting capacity up to 24 mm diameter. They cut with ease through cable, round bar, wire rope, wire strand and more. They are a proven performer in the electrical, railway, mining, manufacturing and construction industries.

Guillotine-Type Cutting

Superior guillotine-type cutting.

Flip-Top Latch

A flip-top latch allows for easy insertion of cutting material.

Easily Replaced Blades

The blades are easily replaceable.

180° Rotation

Spring return and a 180° rotating head.

Ease of Use

They are compact, lightweight, easy to use.

Heavy Duty Carry Bag

They are supplied in a heavy duty canvas carry bag.
Model No. Operation Wire Rope 6x7 (mm) Wire Rope 6x12 (mm) Wire Rope 6x19 (mm) Soft Steel Bar (mm) Reinforcing Rod (mm) Copper Cable (mm) Aluminium Cable (mm) ACSR (mm) Guy Wire 1x7 (mm)Guy Wire 1x19 (mm)CCP Cable (mm)Max. Pressure (bar)Oil Required (cc)Max. Output (ton)Cylinder Stroke (mm)Weight (kg)
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