Custom Built Air Hydraulic Power Unit

A mining company needed a solution to manoeuvre a large piece of mining equipment. They previously used an old Miners pump to operate the two cylinders, however they could only be operated one at a time, which made the process extremely slow and cumbersome.

The team at Specialised Force, with the assistance of the Durapac engineers, designed an Air-Powered split flow power unit which was constructed with no external Aluminium, to meet mining standards.

The specially designed power unit (Model No. DPRS-4024) has 2 x independent outlets, each 0.5L per min flow, both fitted with an all steel directional control valve.

The design enabled the technicians to operate the two double acting cylinders at the same time, instead of one or the other.

The Specialised Force team were able to utilise the mine’s current cylinders so that they not only saved money with the reduction in time, but also saving cost for extra equipment.