Finalist in EXCELLENCE IN MINE SAFETY, OH&S Awards 2016

Our DURAPAC® Safe D Lock® Jack was a finalist in the category of EXCELLENCE IN MINE SAFETY, OH&S in the Australian Mining Prospect Awards 2016. We designed and developed the Safe D Lock jack to combine the functions of lifting and supporting mining vehicles for tyre replacement and service in a safe and compact product. Typically, these two functions are separate, with the use of a jack for lifting, then a stand for supporting the vehicle. Key points of the Safe D Lock are as follows:

  • The ‘failsafe’ nature of the mechanical lock, which is always engaged and will support 3 times the rated load in the event of hydraulic failure
  • Internal (patented) lock mechanism is protected from damage and environment
  • External mechanical confirmation of the lock mechanism position and status
  • [+ POWERDRIVE*] Lithium ion powered, independent battery drives eliminate worker effort in moving and manoeuvring jack with no dangerous air hose being dragged across the work area – *POWERDRIVE is an optional feature that transforms the Safe D Lock Jack into a self-propelled lifting jack and rated vehicle jacking stand for Heavy Mining Vehicles
  • Remote pendant so operator is not under the vehicle during lifting
  • Able to be locked out with control function disabled and confirmation of mechanical lock engagement
  • Lightest and most compact jack of its type
  • Meets AS/NZS 2693:2007 standard for vehicle jacks, it also meets AS/NZS 2538:2004 standard for vehicle support stands
  • Designed and built in Australia
  • Combining these functions can result in reduced capital expenditure over purchase of individual jack and stand
  • Reduced storage space required in workshop and service vehicles
  • Faster tyre change and service. The vehicle lifted, supported and ready for maintenance far quicker than lifting, inserting a stand, lowering onto stand and removing jack

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