DBJ-20A Air/Manual Bottle

The DBJ-20A 20 Ton Air/Manual Bottle Jack also includes a fast motion air pump for greater actuation and comes complete with a three piece saddle set.

Greater Actuation

A fast motion air pump allows greater actuation.

Carbon Steel Base

A carbon steel base is welded to ensure increased resistance to high pressure and provide greater durability.

Internal Stroke Limiter

The internal stroke limiter prevents piston rod over-extension.

Three Piece Saddle Set

Comes complete with a three piece saddle set (16, 45 and 80 mm saddle heights).

Chrome Plated

The chrome plated steel piston rod resists-corrosion and extends jack life.

Operating Handle

An operating handle is included with all models.
Model Number Operation Capacity (ton) Stroke (mm) Collapsed Height (mm) Extended Height (mm) Piston Rod Diameter (mm)Base Dimensions L x W (mm)Screw Extension & Saddle Set Auxiliary Height (mm)Air Pressure Range (kgf/cm2)Weight (kg)Model Number
DBJ-20A Air/Manual 2015023538550128 x 23816, 45, 808-1214.5DBJ-20A