DBJ-Series Bottle

The DBJ-Series Bottle Jacks are a premium range ideally suited to most industrial lifting and pushing applications. Models from 10-20 ton feature an additional screw extension and most can be used in both the vertical and horizontal positions.

Horizontal Operation

10 and 20 ton models (except DBJ-20A) can be operated horizontally. Hydraulic stroke will be reduced to approximately 2/3.

Carbon Steel Base

A carbon steel base is welded to ensure increased resistance to high pressure and provide greater durability.

Ease Of Use

All jacks have been designed for ease of
use and handling.

Internal Stroke Limiter

The internal stroke limiter prevents piston rod over-extension.

Chrome Plated

The chrome plated steel piston rod resists-corrosion and extends jack life.

Operating Handle

An operating handle is included with all models.
Model Number Operation Capacity (ton) Stroke (mm) Collapsed Height (mm) Extended Height (mm) Piston Rod Diameter (mm)Base Dimensions L x W (mm)Screw Extension & Saddle Set Auxiliary Height (mm)Air Pressure Range (kgf/cm2)Weight (kg)Model Number
DBJ-10 Manual 1014724038742105 x 16685-8.2DBJ-10
DBJ-10S Manual 109517026542105 x 16655-6.4DBJ-10S
DBJ-20 Manual 2015226541755128 x 18185-13.3DBJ-20
DBJ-20S Manual 208518727255128 x 18155-10.0DBJ-20S
DBJ-20A Air/Manual 2015023538550128 x 23816, 45, 808-1214.5DBJ-20A
DBJ-30 Manual 3015528243762142 x 197--19.6DBJ-30
DBJ-30S Manual 308018226262142 x 197--13.8DBJ-30S
DBJ-50 Manual 5015530546085200 x 260--42.3DBJ-50