DHP-50E 50T

The DHP-50E 50 Ton Hydraulic Puller uses a double acting hydraulic system for holding, opening & closing jaws; providing a safe and secure grip at all times.

Constant Lowering Speed

Flow metering system provides constant lowering speed.

Jaw Grip

Easy jaw head adjusting system prevents puller jaws from sliding.

2 or 3 Jaw Configuration

Puller can be assembled in 2 or 3 jaw configuration.

Electric Power Options

Includes electric power unit with 230V single phase or 380V three phase options.

Precise Positioning

Puller can be adjusted 5 degrees up or down of puller centre line for precise positioning.

Includes 4 Extensions

Four extensions are included.
Stroke (mm)Pull Capacity (ton)Max. Spread (mm)Reach at Min. Spread (mm)Reach at Max. Spread (mm)Weight