DHS-05 & DHS-1

The DHS-05 and DHS-1 Hydraulic Spreaders are designed for rated capacity spreading. A wide variety of applications exist for this category of product.


Both models feature high strength steel construction.

Spring Return

Both models feature a spring return cylinder.

Appropriate Force for Application

1/2 ton spreading force with the DHS-05 & 1 ton spreading force with the DHS-1.

Appropriate Capability for Application

13-90 mm spreading capability for the DHS-05 & 12-99 mm spreading capability for the DHS-1.

Economy Model

DHS-05 is the economy model.

Multiple Applications

DHS-1 is the general purpose spreader fro many industrial applications.
Model Number Capacity (ton) Oil Capacity (cc) Tip Clearance Min. (mm) Spread Max. (mm) Weight (kg)
DHS-05 0.59.513.0901.9
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