The DPA-16 (1.6 L) Air Driven Hydraulic Power Units are a field proven economical choice of power source for running small to medium hydraulic cylinders and tools when compressed air is available.

Advance/Hold/Retract Functions

A 3 position treadle with advance/hold/retract functions.

Fully Serviceable Air Motor

Fully serviceable air motor for economical repair.

All Metal Construction

All metal construction - no plastic internal components.

700 Bar Operating Pressure

All models have a maximum working pressure of 700 bar.

Ready to Go

All pumps are supplied pre-filled with oil and ready for immediate use.

Convenient Carry Handle

A convenient carry handle is built into the treadle.
Model Number Used with Cylinder Usable Oil Capacity (cc) Pressure Rating (bar) Output Flow Rate (cm 3/min) No load Output Flow Rate (cm 3/min) Load Air Pressure Range (bar) Weight (kg)
DPA-16 S/A 1,6007001,0001503-86.6