The DPA-16D (1.6 L) Air Driven Hydraulic Power Units has a 4 way / 3 position manual directional control valve. The pump will operate double acting, small to medium sized hydraulic cylinders and tools.

Directional Control Valve

A 4 way / 3 position manual directional control valve will operate double acting cylinders.

Operate from Shop Air

Will operate on an air pressure range of 3-8 bar.


A high strength reinforced alloy oil reservoir.

700 Bar Operating Pressure

All models have a maximum working pressure of 700 bar.

Ready to Go

All pumps are supplied pre-filled with oil and ready for immediate use.


All models are repairable and spare parts are readily available.
Model Number Used with Cylinder Usable Oil Capacity (cc) Pressure Rating (bar) Output Flow Rate (cm 3/min) No load Output Flow Rate (cm 3/min) Load Air Pressure Range (bar) Weight (kg)
DPA-16D D/A 1,6007001,220953 - 86