The DPA-18 (1.8 L) Air Driven Hydraulic Power Unit's unique hydraulic circuit allows the quick displacement of hydraulic fluid under no load conditions and easy pumping in loaded conditions. These air actuated power units supply compressed hydraulic fluid to compatible applications i.e. cylinder, presses, spreaders, compactors and crimping machines, anywhere that 700 bar of fluid pressure is needed.

Advance/Hold/Retract Functions

A 3 position treadle with advance/hold/retract functions. The treadle may be operated by hand or foot for greater versatility. The treadle also is a built in convenient carry handle.

Oil Level Sight Gauge

Allows convenient monitoring of reservoir oil level.

All Metal Construction

All metal construction - no plastic internal components.

700 Bar Operating Pressure

All models have a maximum working pressure of 700 bar.

Ready to Go

All pumps are supplied pre-filled with oil and ready for immediate use.

Fully Serviceable Air Motor

Fully serviceable air motor for economical repair.
Model Number Used with Cylinder Usable Oil Capacity (cc) Pressure Rating (bar) Output Flow Rate (cm 3/min) No load Output Flow Rate (cm 3/min) Load Air Pressure Range (bar) Weight (kg)
DPA-18S/A 1,8007001,2401604-128.2