DRJ-15 Rail Jack

The DRJ-15 Rail Jack is ideally suited to aligning, gauging and lifting rail or sleepers. Utilising a forged aluminium base plus housing, this 15 ton capacity jack has been designed to be robust, lightweight and reduce risk of operator injury.

Load Capacity

15 ton of lifting force & replaceable serrated washers for non-slip lifting.

Quick Release

A quick release button allows for fast retraction speed.

Release Valve

The release valve allows for controlled lowering and is recessed for protection against accidental knocks.

Internal Oil Reservoir Bladder

The bladder system inside the aluminium protected reservoir allows the jack to be used in both the horizontal and vertical positions making it exceptionally versatile.

Large Aluminium Base

One piece forged aluminium (7075T) base provides great support in soft ballast.

Internal Spring Return

The spring return mechanism allows a jack with no load to be returned to the retracted position.
Model No. Jack Capacity tonCollapsed Height (mm) Stroke (mm) Extended Height (mm) Travel/Pump Stroke (mm) L x W x H Base Dimensions (mm) L x W x H Toe Dimensions (mm) Weight without Handle (kg)
DRJ-15154002206204.1250 x 160 x 53 64 x 95 x 60 20.1