KPL-Series High Pressure

The KPL-Series High Pressure Air Bags feature Kevlar® cord reinforcing. The patented construction utilises state-of-the-art design for long life and ease of use. The bags are thin, light and simple to use. Eleven models of air bag are available with lifting capacities ranging from 800 to 70,400 kg.


Metal parts are solid brass.

Rubber Dimples

Rubber dimples on contact surfaces provide positive gripping and allow two bags to be stacked safely on top of each other (to increase the lifting height).

Fireproof & Anti-Static

Fireproof and anti-static for use in underground coal mines (use AB-4 & AB-5 controllers).

Crosshatch Reinforcing Pattern

Crosshatch reinforcing pattern made from Kevlar®.

Centring Cross

Centring cross and printing are brightly coloured and bonded to the rubber for long life.

Safety Controllers & Accessories

Safety controllers and accessories allow the efficient and safe use of the KPL-Series air bags. Single and dual deadman controllers with pressure gauge and pressure relief valves offer maximum air bag inflation and deflation control, while single and dual safety controllers offer a cost effective and reliable air bag control solution. Hoses, connectors, shut-off valves and pressure regulators allow maximum flexibility in the air bag system.
Model No. Max. Lifting Capacity (kg)Max. Lifting Height (mm)Thickness (mm)Insertion Height (mm)Dimensions (cm x cm) Max. Air Requirement (L) Max. Inflation Pressure (bar) Min. Burst Pressure (bar) Weight (kg)
KPL 1 80080252615 x 15 58320.55
KPL 3 2,700130252622.5 x 22.5 158321.25
KPL 6 5,500160252630 x 30 428322.0
KPL 10 10,100210252638 x 38 868323.5
KPL 14 13,500250252645 x 45 1528325.0
KPL 21 21,100300252655 x 55 2968327.0
KPL 25 25,200340252661 x 61 4168329.0
KPL 33 33,000380252669 x 69 62183211.0
KPL 45 44,600420252678 x 78 92183214.0
KPL 55 55,000470252687 x 87 1,30583218.0
KPL 70 70,400520252694.5 x 94.5 1,50583222.5

KPL Lifting Capacity v Lifting Height