PEMS7554R – 4 Way Split Flow

The PEMS7554R Electric, Hydraulic Split Flow Power Unit features 4 separate hydraulic circuits. Each piston feeds an independent circuit with equal flow regardless of the weight distribution on each outlet. Each circuit is fitted with a directional control valve for operating single and double acting cylinders.

Pilot Check or Counterbalance Valve Options

The power unit can be optionally fitted with pilot check valves, or counterbalance valves for controlled lowering under load.

Load Holding

Load will be held when motor is off and directional control valve (DCV) is in any position. To lower the load, place DCV into retract position with motor off. To initiate retract, turn motor on. Load will only lower while motor is on.

Soft Start

Fitted with a soft start motor starter.

Synchronised Flow

Each circuit delivers the same flow rate regardless of weight distribution.

Perfect Power

The power unit is 7.5 kW, 415 Volt, 50 Hz, 3 phase electric motor.

Adjustable Pressure

An externally adjustable pressure relief valve is included on each circuit.
Model No. Flow Rate (Lpm) Pressure Rating (bar) Motor kW @ 1,450 rpm Voltage (50 Hz) Amps Pendant Control Valve Type Usable Oil Cap. (L) Approx. Dry Weight (kg) Approx. Dimensions (mm)
PEMS7554R4 x 1.147007.541515^Motor ON/OFF4w/3p Manual 50210440 W x 750 L x 710 H
^ Fitted with a soft start motor starter.