PHS-300 Hydrostatic Power Units

The PHS-300 Air Operated Hydrostatic Power Units work with either water or oil. These self-contained units are compact and robust and operate at 300 bar. They come complete with air filter, regulator, lubricator, air/hydraulic pressure gauges, outlet pressure connection block, release valve and interconnecting pipework. The equipment is mounted inside a stainless steel frame and the power unit is ideally suited to hydrostatic testing, operation of hydraulic valve actuators, clamping and tensioning tools.

Water/Oil Outlets

Water/oil outlets are fitted with a 3/8"-18 NPTF needle valve to allow greater control.

Liquid Filled Pressure Gauge

Fitted with a liquid filled pressure gauge. The scale is bar/psi.

Stainless Steel Base and Frame

The stainless steel base and frame resists corrosion and allows for easy handling.

Filter, Regulator and Lubricator

Filter, regulator and lubricator are supplied on the air inlet.


A strainer/filter is supplied on the fluid inlet.

Air Pressure Gauge

The air pressure gauge to monitor working air pressure.
Model Number Compression Ratio Output Oil/Water Flow Rate (cm3 /stroke) Pressure Rating (bar) Working Air Pressure (bar) Weight (kg) Water/Oil Inlet Thread Approx. Dimensions (mm)
PHS-300 1:606.43005~7 253/8"-18NPTF 500 W x 300 L x 420 H