SPES3502IN – Inching Valve

The SPES3502IN 35 Series, Electric Hydraulic Power Unit delivers 2.0 Lpm up to 10 bar and 0.2 Lpm up to 700 bar pressure on single acting cylinders and tools. The power unit has a solenoid, pressure hold type valve and remote pendant.


The power unit is driven by a 0.35 kW, 230 Volt or 115 Volt, 50/60 Hz single phase electric motor.

Operates at Any Angle

May be used at any angle due to the fully enclosed rubber lined reservoir.

Easily Portable

The power unit is lightweight and easily portable using the shoulder strap and handle.

Optional Pressure Switch

An optional pressure switch allows the cylinder to be stopped at a set pressure.

Remote Pendant

The remote pendant actuates Advance when ON switch is pressed and the motor starts, release ON switch to Hold and stop the motor, Retract when OFF switch is pressed.

Safety Feature

The cylinder can be stopped on Retract.
Model No.Valve Type Used with CylinderElectric Motor (50/60 Hz) Pressure Rating (bar) Motor kW @ 2,000 rpm VoltageAmps 10 bar Flow Rate (Lpm) 700 bar Flow Rate (Lpm)Control Switch Usable Oil Capacity (L) Weight (kg)
SPES3502INSolenoid Pressure Hold typeS/ACommutator type 7000.352302.52.00.2Remote ON/OFF 1.69.0
SPES3502IN-115VOLTSolenoid Pressure Hold typeS/ACommutator type 7000.351156.02.00.2Remote ON/OFF 1.69.0

Piston Rod Speed v Cylinder Capacity (SPE 35 Series)

Pressure StageOil Flow (Lpm)10 Ton (mm per second)15 Ton (mm per second)20 Ton (mm per second)25 Ton (mm per second)30 Ton (mm per second)50 Ton (mm per second)75 Ton (mm per second)100 Ton (mm per second)150 Ton (mm per second)200 Ton (mm per second)
1st2. -
2nd0. -
- not recommended

SPE-Series Performance