TTP-Series Track Link Pin Pusher & Installer

The TTP-Series Pin Pusher is specially designed for tracked machines, tractors, loaders, shovels, excavators, etc. It is suitable to use with most modern machines including JCB, Caterpillar, Komatsu and Poclain manufactured track machines.


Each unit is supplied with tooling.

Smooth Operation

Hydraulic force ensures smooth operation, thereby avoiding damage to the components of the track assembly.


1 x cast steel 'C’ frame, 1 x double acting hydraulic cylinder, 2 x tie rod and 2 x nuts for connecting 'C’ frame and cylinder, 1 x chain lever hoist, 2 x lifting slings and eyebolts for handling, tooling sets, 20T flat jack and storage case.


The 'C’ frame is of cast steel construction and has a 'U’ cut out at the front end where the aligning adaptor is fitted.


The Track Link Pin Pusher is supplied with a robust storage case to house all components including tooling.

Double Acting Cylinder

The double acting hydraulic cylinder is made in alloy steel and has long stroke with which the master pin can be pushed or installed in one stroke. Industry standard high flow couplings included.
Model NumberCapacity (ton)Stroke (mm)Pressure Rating (bar)Effective Area (cm2)Oil Capacity (cc)Assembly Length (mm)Approx. Weight (kg)*
*Frame & Cylinder Assembly

Shipping Details

Model NumberApprox. Shipping Weight (kg)Dimensions (cm)
TTP-50300L 150 x W 60 x H 65
TTP-100500L 170 x W 60 x H 75
TTP-150700L 190 x W 75 x H 75
TTP-2001,100L 205 x W 95 x H 95

Recommended Pump (Ordered Separately)

Suits Model No.Pump TypePump Model No.Image
TTP-50, TTP-100HandP-2800D
TTP-50, TTP-100230V/50/1 Electric with Gauge
& Remote Pendant (Standard Supply)
TTP-150230V/50/1 Electric with Gauge
& Remote Pendant (Standard Supply)
TTP-200230V/50/1 Electric with Gauge
& Remote Pendant (Standard Supply)
20 Litre Oil Tank
TTP-50Air HydraulicDPA-40D
All TTP modelsAir HydraulicDPR-174
All TTP modelsPetrolPPM2014
Hydraulic Hoses (Specify Length, Sold Separately)
Pressure Gauges (Sold Separately Unless Otherwise Stated)