3, 2, 1 Bridge Launch

This project was for a bridge launching system where 4 x RSLC-1504 Durapac cylinders were required to jack up the bridge to align to the joining abutment.

A Durapac split-flow pump PEMS4054 was used to synchronise the jacking of the 4 cylinders to ensure correct alignment.

2 x RD-15032 Durapac pushing cylinders were used to push the bridge system out over the temporary piers. Again, the split-flow pump was used to control the guidance of the bridge section.

The Durapac split-flow pump PEMS4054 was also used to correct misalignments during the launching phase.

The following Durapac Products were used in this solution:

  • RSLC-1504 Single Acting Load Return 150 ton Locking Collar Jack
  • PEMS4054 Split Flow Pump
  • RD-15032 Double Acting 150 ton Collar Thread Cylinder