CRK-10D Deluxe Maintenance & Repair Kits

The CRK-10D Deluxe Maintenance & Repair Kits are an indispensable hydraulically powered tool set. They can be used for pressing, spreading, lifting, straightening and clamping in workshops and collision repair centres.


Supplied with a three-tier wheeled trolley.

High Flow Pump

Supplied with two speed hand pump for increased productivity.


Each kit comes with a 63 mm force gauge to monitor loads.


Most components are threaded for durability.


The extension tubes feature a heavy wall for increased resistance to bending and deformation.

Industry Standard

All kits are supplied with industry standard
high flow hydraulic couplings and dust caps.

CRK-10D Main Components

ComponentsHand PumpHose CylinderHydraulic SpreaderPull CylinderGauge AdaptorPressure Gauge
Details2-Speed 700 Bar 1.5 M Hose & Coupler10 Ton - 150mm Stroke1/2 Ton5 Ton - 154mmGauge AdaptorLiquid Filled
Model No.P-260YESRC-106TDHS-05RP-56FGA-1ZAL1403

CRK-10D Additional Components

ComponentsAdj. Body Spoon3 1/4" Rubber Flex HeadPull Ring (x2)Pull Clamp (x2)Box Clamp (x2)Male Connector (x2)Female Connector (x2)Extension Tubes (127, 254,508,635 mm)Lock Pin (x2)Piston Rod ToeSpreader Toe90o V BaseWedge HeadFlat BaseSerrated SaddleOffset Pull Toe (x2)Clamp End ToeCollar ToeClamp HeadChain Pull Plate3/8" x 5' Chain & Hook (x2)3-Shelf Service Cart
Model No.ZAL1002ZAL1003ZAL1040ZAL1063ZAL1064ZAL1074ZAL1075ZAL1076, ZAL1077, ZAL1078 & ZAL1079ZAL1101ZAL1177ZAL1178ZAL1179ZAL1180ZAL1181ZAL1182ZAL1183ZAL1184ZAL1186ZAL1189ZAL1190ZAL1386ZAL1009