RAP-Series S/A, Aluminium Pull

The RAP-Series is a lightweight, Spring Return, Aluminium Pull Cylinder used in steel structural works, ship building and tower tensioning.

Hard Chrome Plated Piston Rod

All RAP-Series cylinders feature a hard chrome steel piston rod.

Bronze Overlay

Bronze overlay on the piston bearing area.

Lightweight Aluminium Body

The body is lightweight aluminium for maximum portability.

Removable Clevis Eyes

Clevis eyes can be removed to allow use of the body and piston rod threads.

Return Spring

Return spring is used to ensure efficient piston rod return and maximum spring life.

Perfect Power Option

Durapac's P-2200A lightweight aluminium hand pump is the perfect choice when portable manual power is desired.
Model Number Cylinder Capacity ton* Cylinder Capacity kN Stroke (mm) Cylinder Effective Area (cm2) Oil Capacity (cm3) Extended Height (mm) Clevis Length (mm) Clevis Eye Height (mm)Clevis Eye Length (mm) Piston Rod Diameter (mm) Cylinder Diameter (mm) Port Thread TypeWeight (kg)Base Thread Piston Rod Thread Model NumberHandle Type
RAP-106 1010915015.72367631713011540883/8"-NPTF10.3M28 x 2 female M28 x 2 female RAP-106
RAP-206 2019715028.242480721535120451083/8"-NPTF13.5M39 x 3 female M39 x 3 male RAP-206
RAP-306 3030715044.066084922644110501253/8"-NPTF19.0M45 x 2.5 female M45 x 2.5 male RAP-306
RAP-506 5050415072.11,08289727350150541583/8"-NPTF34.0M50 x 3 female M50 x 3 maleRAP-506
* Nominal Cylinder Capacity in ton - see kN values for actual capacity