The DPR-173 Rotary Air Driven Power Units are a two speed, high performance pump design. They are ideally suited to applications where air is the preferred power source.

7.2 L Oil Reservoir

7.2 litre usable oil reservoir.

Quick Displacement of Fluid

The unique hydraulic circuit allows the quick displacement of hydraulic fluid under no load conditions and easy pumping in loaded conditions.

Heavy duty motor

All models feature a heavy duty air motor with a motor ON/OFF air supply valve.

Single Acting Applications

Pump suits many single acting cylinder and tool applications.

Manual 2 Way / 2 Position Valve

Manual 2 way / 2 position type valve.


Advance/~Hold~/Return valve function.

~ HOLD is achieved in ADVANCE position with motor OFF.
Model No. Used with Cylinder Motor Size (kW) Usable Oil Capacity (L) Maximum Pressure Rating (bar) Pressure Rating (bar) 1st Stage Pressure Rating (bar) 2nd Stage Oil Output Flow Rate (Lpm) 1st Stage Oil Output Flow Rate (Lpm) 2nd Stage Valve Type Valve FunctionAir Pressure Range (bar)Air Consumption (Lpm)Sound Level (dB)Weight (kg)
DPR-173 S/A 1.277.2700227004.00.3Manual 2w/2p Advance/Hold*/Return5.6 - 7.01,2469321.5
* HOLD in ADVANCE position with motor OFF